Category: Medical Phobias

How to Overcome Emetophobia or the Fear of Vomiting?

Emetophobia refers to the fear of vomiting but it is not simply just a fear of throwing up. It is an excessive, irrational fear about the possibility of vomiting. People with Emetophobia often associate the condition with an overwhelming sense of losing control or becoming very ill…

Algophobia: Persistent and Unwarranted Fear of Pain

What is the definition of Agliophobia? Algophobia or the fear of pain is the overwhelming and irrational fear of pain that presents incapacitating symptoms in the people suffering from it. Algophobia is a severe anxiety disorder that terrifies people when they think about pain or if they have even the remote…

Do You Have a Fear of Blood? Coping with Hemophobia

Hemophobia or Haemophobia is also known as blood phobia. The term refers to an irrational fear of blood. This is a specific type of phobia. In severe cases, the hemophobia person experiences negative physical reactions. They may even faint if the fear goes out of hand entirely. Note that similar reactions can…

Coping with Trypanophobia or the Fear of Needles and Injections

Trypanophobia is often called aichmophobia or belonephobia. But these two terms are more generally used to refer to a fear of sharply pointed objects. The origin and proper usage of the term ‘trypanophobia’ are quite controversial. Hence the trypanophobia definition is hard to conclude. The phobia was…

Fear of Germs Phobia: Behaviors and Consequences

What is Mysophobia?  Mysophobia is an anxiety reaction that stems from the fear of bacteria, germs, and contaminations. This condition also goes by names such as Germophobia, or Bacillophobia. Individuals with Mysophobia have an obsessive-compulsive disorder always to stay neat and keep their…

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