Phobia or fear is a physical and mental expression, which can be triggered in human beings in different situations. Some people have a phobia towards germs, some people have a phobia of women and some are fearful of cockroaches.

In this article, we will look into the list of most common, funny and totally weird types of phobia that exist in today’s world. 

Before delving deeper with a discussion on different kinds of phobias and their symptoms, we should first understand the definition of a phobia.

In medical science, the phobia has been regarded as an anxiety disorder which is resulted by abrupt hormonal changes in the human body. Fear or phobia is basically a mental state.

However, it could have an impact on a person’s physical state as the body undergoes hormonal changes due to this mental condition.

Commonly, nausea or extremely sweating has been noted as common aftermaths of fear or phobia. However, many other complex and unique symptoms are also there.

When a person is suffering from a phobia, he or she may behave weird or unusual. Mostly, we can find two types of phobias. The first type is known as a temporary phobia.

That mean phobia attack remains a temporary thing for the victim. A few specific things may trigger phobia otherwise the person remains as well as behaves normally.

The other type of phobia has been recognized as a more severe and frequently occurring phobia. Such people may have fear or phobia in more than one or two things.

People, who are suffering from tremendous mental stress, insomnia and lack of adequate rest, have generally been considered as vulnerable to the phobia. For more details and the complete list of all definitions of phobias, you may visit our phobia definitions page.

Phobia’s psychology

Various psychological states in a person have been found in people who are victims of phobia. Depending on the phobia symptoms, the psychological state or condition has often been judged.

In many cases, phobia or fear of something comes from a few misconceptions. For example, a lot of people have a fear of the dark, as they imagine creepy or horror stories associated with nighttime.

On the other hand, stress has been noted as the prominent reason behind a person’s phobia. When you become mentally stressful and physically exhausted, many sorts of phobia can creep inside your mind.

Mishaps of the past can also lead to a phobia. A person who met a dreadful accident in childhood may appear afraid of driving or riding cars.

Mishaps or accidents of the past may cause stress on the brain cells as well, and that could possibly lead to the occurrence of anxiety. This anxiety may result in different types of phobia symptoms.

When it comes to healing or treating phobia, the reason behind its occurrence becomes crucial to be known for the psychotherapists. Proper mental counseling can provide long-term relief or permanent freedom from a phobia.

What are the phobia symptoms?

For different persons, symptoms of phobia could be different. For different types of phobia, symptoms also vary. There could be some common symptoms of all kinds of phobia.

For example, unusual sweating, muscle numbness, hazy vision, stammering, shivering and many others are considered as common aftermaths of all sorts of phobias.

Along with these basic symptoms, there are some symptoms which have been known or regarded as unique. Nevertheless, depending on the type of phobia, the common symptoms or normal symptoms of phobia have been triggered.  In the following section, a few common symptoms of phobia have been discussed.

Uncontrollable anxiety is a common aftermath of phobia or panic attack for a person. It may be triggered in some situations or conditions.

People suffering from phobia want to avoid the source of fear at all cost.

Behind phobia, the irrational mindset can be regarded as an issue. During the phobia attacks, people may talk about irrational things and it is a common symptom of any kind of phobia.

Apart from these mental or mind related symptoms, there are a few physical symptoms associated with a phobia. In the following section, you can have a quick glimpse of these physical symptoms:

– abnormal breathing
– accelerated heartbeat
– butterflies in the stomach
– chest pains or tightness
– choking sensation
– confusion and disorientation
– crying uncontrollably
– depression
– diarrhea
– disorientation
– dizziness
– dread
– dry mouth
– fainting
– feeling cold
– gastrointestinal problems
– hazy vision
– headaches
– hot flushes or chills
– inability to control emotions
– insomnia
– isolation
– lightheadedness
– loss of appetite
– muscle numbness
– nausea
– numbness
– panic attacks
– pins and needles
– shaking and trembling
– shivering
– shortness of breath
– stammering
– uncontrollable sweating
– vomiting
– weakness
– wheezing

In the case of the most common phobias, these symptoms are commonly noted. However, not all these symptoms occur simultaneously. Different people face different kinds of aftermaths due to their phobia attacks. Another notable thing is that in the case of the same phobia, different people experience different symptoms. For more details and the complete list of all symptoms, you may visit our phobia symptoms page.

What are the most common phobias?

As stated above, phobias can be categorized into two sections. There are a few commonly encountered phobias, and there are some unusually encountered ones.

For example, fear of public speaking is a phobia and it is regarded as a common phobia. On the other hand, fear of water is not a common thing for most of the people. So, in the following section, let us discuss some common phobia types in the first place.

acrophobia: fear of heights
aerophobia: fear of flying
arachnophobia: fear of spiders
astraphobia: fear of thunder and lightning
autophobia: fear of being alone
– claustrophobia: fear of confined or crowded spaces
hemophobia: fear of blood
– hydrophobia: fear of water
ophidiophobia: fear of snakes
zoophobia: fear of animals

Weird phobias

Apart from these common phobias, a few unusual and complex phobias are noted among many people. For the complete list of over 100 phobias, you may check our A to Z phobia list.

Typically, severe or complex phobias may have a malicious health impact. They can escalate stress level, trigger blood pressure irregularity and result in health choking. As per medical reports, it has been found that most of the phobias start during childhood. Please see below the list of unique phobias that you may never hear of before:

Aichmophobia: Fear of Sharp Things
Anatidaephobia: Fear of Ducks Phobia
Anthophobia: Fear of Flowers
Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of Long Words
Podophobia: Fear of Feet
Pogonophobia: Fear of Beards
Taphephobia: Fear of Being Buried Alive

It is not unusual to experience the initiation of phobia during adulthood unless the person is already suffering from massive stress or anxiety. In the following section, a few weirdest phobias are listed.

Anemophobia: Fear of wind has been regarded as Anemophobia. Actually, this type of fear has also been recognized with the term known as Ancraophobia. It is generally a fear that is triggered due to heavy wind.

Spectrophobia: This is truly a weird phobia, as people suffering from such phobia have fear towards their own reflection on the mirror. Only a small percentage of people in the world are noted to be suffering from this type of phobia.

Linonophobia: It is a fear that has been triggered by strings.

Ablutophobia: It is a phobia of bathing or washing body. This phobia has been noted among the kids until a certain age. If it is found among the adults, it will be regarded as weird.

Allodoxaphobia: This phobia has been considered as extremely rare as well as complicated. To simplify, this term suggests the fear of opinions. Powerful people and politicians are generally found to have such phobia.

Optophobia: The fear of opening eyes is known as optophobia. The fear typically triggers when the victim wakes up in the morning.

Funny phobias

A person’s phobia is not a matter of fun. However, in a few cases, the person’s weird behavior and unusual phobia towards something becomes a matter of laughing for others.

In the following section, we shall note some of the funny phobias. Though termed as ‘funny’, these phobias should not be taken lightly.

Proper counseling or therapy is needed for the treatment of the phobia otherwise various physical as well as mental complications may appear.

Selenophobia: Fear of moon is regarded as Selenophobia. People suffering from this phobia generally do not feel comfortable in looking at the moon.

Gamophobia: You may, believe it or not, this is a phobia of marriage. However, this apparently funny phobia is not really funny. Such phobia has been noted in those, who have watched a troubled relationship of their parents in childhood.

Euphobia: Surprisingly, this is a phobia of hearing good news.

Vestiphobia: This type of fear happens due to clothes. Yes, there are certain people who fear of clothing.

Epistemophobia: The fear of knowledge is has been defined as Epistemophobia. This is surely one of the weirdest phobias.

How are the phobias treated?

Phobias are aftermaths of complicated mental setup which has been headed by depression as well as anxiety. From funny phobias to the worst phobias, every kind of phobia should be taken seriously.

They can be extremely harmful to a person’s health and overall mental equilibrium. Possible treatment options are discussed below.

Psychotherapy: There is no medicine to treat a phobia, though usage of some drugs can be seen to manage severe anxiety in a person so that short-term relief from a phobia can be attained. For long-term relief or permanent healing, psychotherapy is suggested.

Awareness: Through awareness, a few phobias can be fully or partially treated. An enlightened mind can get rid of a lot of fears.

For the treatment of phobia, it is absolutely important to consult a professional and experienced psychiatrist. You need to follow the guidance of a doctor in order to get rid of phobia at the earliest.